Monday, June 23, 2008

Service Pack 2 released, Firefox 3 support delivered

While I did my best to keep you "in the know" while away on vacation last week in the Colorado Rockies, a few important updates had to wait for my return to the office. Key among those is the announcement of the new Service Pack 2 release for the Q1 2008 RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX. The 2nd and final service pack release for the Q1 2008 controls is mostly a roll-up of hotfixes fixing issues reported since SP1, but, as usual, there are some new features in the release, too. Highlights:

  • SP2 delivers full support for the just released Firefox 3 and Opera 9.5 browsers
  • New load-on-demand caching support and client-side events in RadCombobox
  • 20+ fixes in RadGrid and in RadEditor
  • New perf optimizations in RadEditor (dialog rendering, shared tools)
  • Problems with RadManagers fixed (gzip, medium trust)
  • New support for custom spell providers in RadSpell
If for no other reason than to support the latest releases of two popular browsers, you should download and prepare to deploy this service pack to your projects. Firefox 3 did introduce some bugs due to changes in the way client-side events are processed, and SP2 addresses those. For a complete overview of the fixes in this release (2008.1.619), check out the release notes.

And that's about it for Q1 2008. With Q2 2008 quickly approaching (currently targeting a late July release), there will be no more service packs for Q1. The next release will be a Futures release that will preview some of the enhancements coming in Q2, so look for that to drop in the next few weeks. Otherwise, enjoy the updates and be sure to keep sending us your honest feedback.


Anonymous said...

Any hints on what is coming in the next futures release?

Anonymous said...

Todd, now you can change the SP version of the Telerik Releases on the right side of your blog :)

Todd Anglin said...

@Anon- Okay, one hit: Q2 2008 is going to include a lot of brand new client-side functionality built-in to RadGrid for those seeking ultimate performance. More to come...

@Veskoni- Fixed!