Friday, June 20, 2008

Survey Says: You enjoy the outdoors


This survey is getting a little old, so it's about time I reported on the results. Several weeks ago I asked you to indicate how much time you spend outdoors during an average week, giving you the choice to self-report anywhere from six hours plus to "I never leave my computer." I was pleasantly surprised by the results. Over 45% of you indicated that you spend more than six hours outside every week! It's very good to know that the readers of this blog are staying healthy and breaking away from their computers to spend some time outside. Now, I allowed a pretty broad definition of what "spending time outside" means, so some of you may simply be adding-up the time you spend walking from house to car to job to lunch and back again versus actually engaging in some outdoor activity. Not the best way to count your outdoor time, but definitely better than nothing.

Speaking of which, nearly 29% of you are spending less than two hours outdoors every week. That means, on average, you're spending less than 20 minutes outside every day. I'm no fitness guru, but I know we could all benefit from a little more exercise and little more fresh air in our busy digital lives. At Telerik, we stress healthy living as much as possible since "studies" (don't ask me which) show that healthy living leads to more productive thinking and more creative ideas. So if you're hitting a road block on your next project, try putting down the keyboard and spending a few minutes outdoors. It may be just the thing you need to build the next great software product with Telerik's tools!


Joshua Starr said...

I enjoy spending a few evenings a week on the deck with the laptop. Just being outside can be rather refreshing, even if you're not running around.

Recently started getting into Geocaching (Think "GPS Treasure Hunting Adventures"... for those that are interested) which has been pretty beneficial in getting me to go on hikes on a more regular basis.