Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Optimization Tips: Series changing channels

Much like the complexities of a broadcast TV network, sometimes popular shows get shuffled around to better align with the interests of the network. So it will be with my ongoing Optimization Tips blog series. From now on, all future posts in this series will be posted on my blog (yes, I have another blog there- subscribe now, if you haven't). With my access to the blogs restored, I'll return to trying to post more technical Telerik content there and more general .NET and Telerik news here. All of you still refusing to subscribe to RSS feeds, now might be a good time to subscribe to at least two.

To usher in the change, I've posted a new installment in the Optimization Tips series on the blogs. The latest installment shows you how to optimize custom skins for the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX by turning them in to WebResources that can be combined by the RadManagers. We already know the positive effect combining has on page load time, so it is critical we apply it to our applications wherever possible. As a bonus, I've also created a cool new skin for RadTabstrip that you can download along with the associated Photoshop source!

Thanks for bearing with me during this programming change and enjoy the latest installment.