Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Session Replay: Intro to Silverlight 2

Welcome to yet another video format from Telerik: Session Replay. As the name implies, a Session Replay is a recorded version of live session delivered by one of Telerik's evangelists at some .NET event around the globe. We know not everyone has the time or ability to travel to .NET conferences, so we're trying to do the next best thing and bring them to you online. These are full session recordings, complete in HD with high quality audio, so it will literally be like you're sitting on the front row. For this first Replay, I bring you my "Intro to Silverlight 2" session delivered this past Friday at devLink 2008. Most of the session is recorded (run time is about 1 hour 4 minutes), but the last 10 minutes or so got cut-off because I ran out of tape (HD tapes only come 60 minute varieties)! You'll get most of the important info in what's recorded; for everything else, watch for tomorrow's follow-up post that will contain the slides and code from this session. NOTE: Sorry for the "squished" video. We're still working out the kinks with our new video system and it appears that our HD format didn't get processed correctly by Viddler this time around. Video quality is still high, though, so you should be able to read the slides in full-screen mode.


Asit said...

How about having the slides in a resizable, "PIP" window?

Todd Anglin said...

@Asit- Cool idea, but not sure how possible with our current setup. At the very least, I'll be making slides from this presentation available on my blog for download very soon.

Asit said...

Great. But if it is "integrated" in the video, the slides will reflect what you are talking about.