Wednesday, August 13, 2008

FREE RadWebinar on advanced RadGrid topics

So far, the RadWebinars by Falafel have been very successful training tools, but Telerik was concerned that too many people were not getting to benefit from the training because of the $99 price tag. We want everyone to benefit from the live, instructor-lead training on Telerik's tools. So, we're very excited and pleased to announce that RadWebinars are now a FREE resource! That's right. You can now get the same live, instructor-lead training from Falafel gratis. You're welcome. And as if that news weren't enough, the next RadWebinar, which is covering advanced topics for RadGrid, will be taught none other than the brilliant and always entertaining Lino Tadros (Founder & CEO of Falafel). In this new session, Lino will cover topics like grid calculations, client-side grid operations, and improving performance with LINQ. Consider this a 301 session for RadGrid. So let's recap:

  • New RadWebinar on RadGrid, September 2nd at 9:30 AM (PST)
  • MS MVP Lino Tadros teaching the session
  • Registration is FREE!
Can you ask for anything more? Register now because this one is going to fill-up fast.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't find a "contact us" anywhere so here it goes: your home page looks very bad in FireFox, please fix it!

Anonymous said...

Works now

Todd Anglin said...

Apologies. Not sure what happened. Will definitely take a look, though. Thanks for the report.

DaveUK said...

Why aren't the Webinars recorded and stored to view later for those who miss it? .. unless I've missed a link if you already do this. If you're now making the Webinars free this would be a logical and useful addition.

PS Love the site Todd, thanks for all your hard work!

Todd Anglin said...

@David- Thanks for the feedback. We're definitely aware of the need to make these Webinars available on demand, and we're currently working on the setup to make that happen. In the near future, you'll be able to access this Telerik RadWebinar content on-demand. Hope that helps.