Thursday, October 30, 2008

Telerik Watch Minute: Interview with Jan Blessenohl, OpenAccess ORM

While at PDC 2008, I had the fun opportunity to sit down with some of the Telerik product team guys and put them on camera for you to meet. First up for your viewing pleasure is OpenAccess ORM Team Lead, Jan Blessenhol. In this short(ish) 20 minute interview, Jan explains to us what OpenAccess ORM is, why it's unique, and then does a live demo showing us how OpenAccess' basic Forward Mapping features work. If you're interested in knowing more about Telerik's new ORM product, this is a great place to start. And I also need to make a quick production note. We had a couple of "glitches" in this recording that I reget. First, the audio for much of the video is much poorer quality than it should be because I forgot to record the microphone in my hand. Second, the lighting was bad and I forgot to pull-out the 'ol camera light. Finally, the HDD recorder battery died during the shoot so we had to "append" the ending- as such, it looks a little different that the rest of the video. I apologize for all the tech trouble and hope you can still enjoy the video. Expect better quality next time!


Anonymous said...

Hi Todd;

There is way too much background noise picked up by the Mic. to hear what Jan was saying. Any chance this can cleaned up or at least can we get a text version (summary of what was said)?


Todd Anglin said...

@Ben- Yes, I know and I apologize. There was a technical problem with the mic that I did not discover until the end of the day when I went to edit the video. I'll see what I can do to clean-up the audio or provide a transcript. Sorry for the trouble.