Friday, October 17, 2008

Telerik Watch Minute: Special Edition from Bulgaria

Even with the .NET speaker circuit "Fall Travel Season" in full-swing, I'll still work hard to bring you regular Telerik Watch Minute updates. This update comes live from Sofia, Bulgaria, home to DevReach 2008 and Telerik HQ, of course. While I usually like to mix a little news with some code updates in TWM, this past week has just been packed with news, so I needed the full "bite size update" to cover all of the important items. From the official release of Silverlight 2 to the release of Telerik's Q3 2008 beta for the RadControls to OpenAccess ORM, even at a fast clip this week's update need a full three minutes to cover it all. So get ready for a lot of info, enjoy the change in scenery, and then watch for new updates from PDC in about a week! Click here to watch at native HD size