Friday, October 03, 2008

Session Replay: RadGridView for WinForms Overview

The on-demand version of this Wednesday's RadWebinar on RadGridView for WinForms has finally been processed and been made available online. You can still, of course, download the original source file, but if you don't want to wait on a 650 MB download, feel free to use this streaming resource for instant access. To effectively see the code captured in this video, I suggest you run the video in full-screen mode. Alternatively, you view the video in its native size (1600x1200) by following this link (opens in new window). Enjoy this nearly 2 hour resource and stay tuned for more video in the future!


Anonymous said...

Hi Todd,

I'm waiting since your post on 4/9/2008 the video in higher quality(and larger file size) of Advanced RadGrid Webinar
When do you think you can post it ?


P.S : you blog telerikwatch is very interesting, a must for a customer of telerik products.
Telerik watch minute is very good job and more and more quality.
Continue !!!

Todd Anglin said...

@Eric- Thanks for the comment. The video you're referencing is giving us lots of trouble. There is an encoding error that we're having a hard time eliminating and that's blocking its publication. I'll try to find a place to make the "raw" video available soon, though.

Thanks for your patience.