Thursday, October 02, 2008

RadGridView webinar follow-up (update)

Today Lino Tadros from Falafel held the first RadWebinar on Telerik's RadGridView for WinForms. The event went very well and we hope that everyone that attended enjoyed the format and was able to learn something new about RadGridView. If you weren't able to make today's event, or if you'd just like to study the material presented in-depth, Lino has gone the extra mile and prepared PDF courseware and numbered demos for your reference. You can download those resources below. The video of today's event will be available online soon, too. It will take some more time to process the video for online viewing, but to avoid any delays (and to have access to the "full size" video), you can download the "raw" GoToWebinar recording below. A lightly edited version will be available for online viewing in the coming days. Enjoy the content and keep your RSS readers tuned-in for the next RadWebinar details! Download PDF courseware [3 MB] Download demo code [1 MB] Download RadWebinar video (MOV) [650 MB] UPDATE: The online version of the webinar is now available for those that want to stream it.