Friday, January 09, 2009

Download Windows 7 public beta today

Did you miss the news? In yesterday's Microsoft CES keynote, Steve Ballmer announced that the first Windows 7 beta will be made publicly available today, January 9th. All you have to do to get your hands on the beta bits is visit Microsoft's Windows 7 website. Now, if you had any doubt that we wouldn't be seeing Windows 7 sooner rather than later in 2009, this should definitely put you on notice. Hopefully Microsoft will do a better job (which all likelihood, they will) than they did with Vista in getting the RTM out the door after Beta 1. As you may recall, it took nearly 18 months for Vista to go from Beta 1 to RTM. Assuming they don't repeat that timeline, we all need to prepare for a Windows 7 world sometime this year. And, if first impressions count, that's not a bad thing. I've had some time to see Windows 7 in action- both at PDC and recently when my brother (who works at Microsoft in Redmond) showed it running on his laptop- and I've got to admit it looks good. It's not "revolutionary," but it's a solid, practical step in the right direction for Windows- similar to the steps Apple has been making for years with OS X. And if the touted improvements in startup, shutdown, and standby time are true, this is definitely an upgrade worth evaluating early. Telerik, clearly, will be working with the Windows 7 betas to ensure all our UI components work with the new OS, and we'll post the news of our tests as the beta period progresses. You can be sure that when the new OS is ready to meet the world, Telerik's components will be ready, too, so you can deliver world class applications. Grab the Windows 7 beta bits now (or as soon as MS enables the download link)