Thursday, January 15, 2009

Join Telerik at WAM Charity Weekend

One of the great things about being at Telerik- and the part of .NET community in general- is the pervasive sprit of charity and the desire to give back to the community at large. As programmers, we may not be able to donate our time to build a house, but we sure are good at building software. The We Are Microsoft (or WAM) Charity Challenge Weekend picks-up on that idea and hosts a 3-day "challenge" where .NET developers join teams to build websites for charities in the Dallas, Texas area. Telerik was a proud sponsor of this event in its inaugural year, and we are again sponsoring this charity event in 2009.

But beyond sponsorship, Telerik is also making the Sitefinity CMS platform freely available to volunteer developers to help jumpstart their charity web sites. The ability for these developers to pick-up, learn, and extend Sitefinity during the 72 hour competition is a true testament to Sitefinity's "natural" fit with an ASP.NET developer's skills. To help developers maximize the platform this year, Sitefinity Evangelist Gabe Sumner and I will be traveling to Dallas to help train both the volunteer developers using Sitefinity and the end users from the charities that will be inheriting the site at the end of the competition.
If you're in the Dallas area this weekend, stop by and see the charitable side of the .NET community. In fact, if you hurry, I'm sure you can still volunteer to help out. Either way, Telerik is proud to sponsor this event and we look forward to seeing charities benefit from what the volunteer developers can do with Sitefinity!