Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Free Telerik Reporting Webinar this Thursday

Mark your calendars. This Thursday, January 29th (not 30th, as I suggested in the latest Telerik Watch Minute) at 11:00 AM EST (4:00 PM in London), Telerik Evangelist Kevin Babcock will be delivering a brand new webinar on Telerik Reporting. This is a developer oriented event- not a marketing event- so there will be code, you will see lots of Visual Studio, and you will learn everything you need to know to get started with Telerik's Reporting solution. This is a 101 session, though, designed for those of you still sitting on the fence about whether or not you should adopt a reporting solution for your projects and showing you the basic benefits of using reporting tools. For those looking for something a little more "201" or "301," stay tuned- more "advanced" sessions will be hosted in the future. If you want to learn more about reporting solutions and Telerik Reporting, register for this free live event now to save your spot. I'll be commenting more very soon on future webinars from Telerik, but in the mean time, you can also save the date for next Thursday (February 5th) if you want to catch a live webinar on Telerik's WPF tools (details to follow). Enjoy the event! Register now for free, live Telerik Reporting developer webinar


Anonymous said...

Do you keep these webinars online for future viewing? The live time is not always convenient. Especially for those of us in different time zones.

Todd Anglin said...

@Clayton- Yes, we try to record all events so they can be made available "on demand." We run the live events at 11:00 AM EST because that accommodates the largest range of timezones (8:00 AM PST, 10:00 AM CST, 4:00 PM GMT (Europe)). Hopefully you'll be able to make the live event, but if not, we'll try to make recordings available within a week or two of an event.


Anonymous said...

That's 3AM Melbourne, Australia time!
But its a round world and you can't catch everybody.
As long as the info is available on demand in a timely fashion then that's fine.

Unknown said...

my link says the webinar is over. which if it was at 11am cst and I am here at 10 central time I shouldnt of. Anyone else have a problem. boo if it was canceled without notice!

Todd Anglin said...

@Nun- There was a last minute change. Please see this post for more details: