Friday, January 09, 2009

Telerik Watch Minute: Silverlight RadGridView Beta

The first Telerik Watch Minute of the new year kicks-off with a quick look at the new RadGridView for Silverlight beta that shipped in mid-December. You'll see how you can quickly get started with the RadGridView in a Silverlight project, and you'll get a close look at one of the GridView's more "advanced" features: grouping. I also show you the RadGridView beta and the standard Silverlight DataGrid side-by-side, so you can quickly see how the beta stacks-up to the OfTB (out-of-the-box) grid control. Clearly, what you're seeing today is just a beta, so the final version that ships towards the end of February is going to have many more features (and themes), but I think it's a good early look at what you can expect in about 8 weeks time. Also, a production note: since the new Telerik TV portal is now live, you can now watch this video in its full "native" size (and thus at the best quality possible) by visiting the video on In fact, Telerik Watch Minute has a full "channel" on the new Telerik TV portal, so feel free to catch any old episodes while you're there. Hopefully this will make your Telerik Watch Minute fix even better! Watch this episode of Telerik Watch Minute in HD on Telerik TV


Anonymous said...

Very interesting :)

I noticed an audio problem, I hear you only from left in Silverlight demo.

Asit said...

No sound?

Todd Anglin said...

@Gregory- Interesting. The audio during the demo does sound a little different, but I am hearing left and right locally (though definitely a stronger voice in the left channel). I'll have to see what happened during recording...:/

@Asit- You should have sound. Just double-checked and things sound okay here. Let me know if you still have trouble.


Asit said...

Works now.