Tuesday, January 27, 2009

OpenAccess Q3 2008 SP3 released today

For those of you already working with Telerik's cool new OpenAccess ORM tool, there is a new service pack that dropped today that you definitely want to check out. The service pack- officially dubbed Q3 2008 SP3 (or 2008.03.1327.2 by the version number)- packs tons of fixes and improvements in to both the OpenAccess run-time and design-time experience. Among my favorite improvements is the new support for the LINQ Count method, which now allows you use .Count in your LINQ queries and have it it executed on the database server for optimum performance. For a complete run-down on what's fixed, check out the official release notes. For those of you not using OpenAccess ORM, what are you waiting for? I recently built the entire Telerik TV portal using OpenAccess ORM Forward Mapping, and speaking as a developer, the experience was great. It saved me a ton of time (and code), and made it very easy to build a complex site in my spare time in a matter of days. If you're using LinqToSql today and want something that gives you that same "quick start" experience, but then also has the power to perform when you need to take more control, give OpenAccess a try. With a free version for free databases, what do you have to lose?