Sunday, March 22, 2009

MIX09 Wrap-up

Well, folks, another MIX has come and gone, and in it's wake is a lot of new (public) info that will take weeks (if not longer) to digest. If you've been following Telerik Watch, then much of the news shouldn't been a surprise for you. I was 3-for-3 on my "MIX Predictions":

  1. Silverlight 3.0 Beta (with H.264 and LOB support)
  2. IE8 RTW
  3. Azure updates
Clearly, there was a lot more news at MIX, and I encourage you to check-out my Day 1 Recap for all the details. There were some things conspicuously missing-in-action at MIX09, though. For instance, there were no updates on the Silverlight Mobile road map, the long delayed mobile version of Silverlight with .NET support (though I did get some updates from the MSFT PM that I'll share later). There was no pricing news for Azure. There was little talk or focus on the changes coming in .NET 4 (which puts its timetable in question). And there were no new VS2010 or Windows 7 news or public builds. Now, clearly, some of these items aren't exactly MIX "appropriate," but I think many people were hoping for new details on these topics. Guess we'll have to wait for TechEd in May for Microsoft's next chance to make some big public announcements. And when they do, I'll be there to bring you the news LIVE! View some pictures from MIX09