Sunday, March 01, 2009

LIVE from Microsoft MVP Summit 2009

Well, I'm "LIVE," but unfortunately I can't bring you live coverage of the event and it's keynotes (as I have at other events in the past). The "NDA-heavy" event does not leave much room for sharing, but rest assured that there are two Telerik Evangelists/Microsoft MVPs here to soak-up the info, chat-up the "big whigs," and make sure Telerik is well positioned to continue bringing you the best tools and components possible in 2009. For those unfamiliar, the MVP Summit is a chance for Microsoft to bring together all of it's MVPs (about 5,000 world wide, of which about 1,400 attend) and facilitate a few days of close interaction with the product teams and company leaders. It's one of the bigger "perks" of being a MS MVP, and I happy to get to check it out this year. In the mean time, Telerik Evangelism won't stand still! Kevin Babcock will be conducting this week's weekly webinar (Thursday, 11 AM EST) and he will be covering "Client-side Tips & Tricks for the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX." Should be a fun topic for any ASP.NET AJAX devs out there looking to better understand how to leverage the Telerik client-side features to build high performance, rich, standards-based apps. Look for a registration link on soon! And if you want to keep-up with all the MVP Summit action that can be legally shared, catch all the updates (including mine- yes, I do occasionally "tweet") on Twitter!


Asit said...

12 PM EST works perfectly for those of us on pacific coast as many folks could be driving to work. If it is 11 AM EST, they probably would end up catching it on TTV.

Todd Anglin said...

@Asit- Yeah, I'm definitely seeing a lot of "West Coast" feedback about the time. The reason we use 11AM EST is that it serves the broadest possible range of timezones during "business hours"- from 8AM PST to 4:00PM GMT and 5:00PM (whatever Germany's timezone is). If we shift the sessions later, we start to cut-off some of our European audience. Still, I'm open to tweaking the time.

I'll try to run a poll soon and let you guys vote on the time you'd prefer and we'll see what everyone says. Hope that helps!