Thursday, March 26, 2009

Silverlight Webinar Wrap-up, GridView, Docking, Chart, and Theming

As promised, here is the "recording" of today's LIVE webinar on the RadControls for Silverlight. Those of you that attended live may catch that this isn't exactly the same version of the webinar you watched- it's a "pre-recorded" version that I processed so we could get the video online faster. That said, I think the live version was a little better, so you are rewarded for your live effort. Today's event focused primarily on working with the RadGridView, RadDocking, RadChart, and Telerik Themes for Silverlight. The 75 minute session covered both OTB (out of the box) features and how you can configure features from code and XAML. It's a great "Step 2" for those of you that already feel comfortable with "Step 1." Enjoy the video and stay tuned for much more Silverlight content! Watch recorded Silverlight webinar on Telerik TV (bigger size) P.S. For those that asked during the live webinar about the ability to save RadDocking state, I've confirmed that the feature is actively being developed and should be available in an upcoming release (maybe even SP1). At the latest, you'll have the ability to persist Dock state and re-load it in Q2. Hope that helps.


dinesh said...

I have been listening/viewing your shows.

Is it possible to send me a link for the Code
for GridView and RAD Controls