Saturday, March 14, 2009

Resources from Silverlight 2 training, Wrap-up

We had a great turn-out at yesterday's Silverlight 2 training (despite the ugly weather in Houston) and we did some serious Silverlight 2 learning. It was 4 hours packed with info, hands-on-labs, and good questions from the audience. We covered everything from the roots of Silverlight to the basics of styling Silverlight controls in Blend to the basics of data binding with web services. A big thanks to everyone in Houston that came-out yesterday to spend the afternoon with me! Hopefully you had a good time and learned something in the process. For everyone else, I'm making the HOLs (hands-on labs) I developed for this training available on Telerik Watch! There are 5 brand new labs in the archive. The first is a simple "Hello World" lab that makes sure you know how to start a new Silverlight project. The other four labs guide you through the process of building-up and styling a simple app called "OverShare" (a nod to my affection for Twitter). The labs are split-up like this:

  • Working with Silverlight controls and Silverlight Toolkit
  • Working with Blend and styling Silverlight controls
  • Data binding basics with web services in Silverlight
  • Accessing cross-domain services and improving the loading experience
Enjoy the resources and have fun becoming a Silverlight expert! Download the new Silverlight 2 Hands-on Labs


Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming to Houston for the training. I enjoyed it. For the last few years since WPF was announced at some Microsoft seminars, I've been following Silverlight and Blend. Now with these current versions (and with all the helpful online tutorials and vids), I am ready to start creating apps with SL.

Regarding a question from one attendee about "deep linking," I believe it was in someone on one of Channel 9's SL videos (Brad Abrams maybe it was?) who recently said that SL 3 will allow users in SL to have different pages and that users will be able to use the browser's back and forward buttons, etc. But by now, you're probably at MIX09 already and have seen the latest SL 3 in person.

Anyway, thanks again for coming to provide the training.