Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Austin DNUG Ajax talk wrap-up, Reminder to check your spare tire pressure

After a quick 6-hour round-trip to Austin, I'm back in Houston and ready with some wrap-up thoughts (and slides) from my talk at last night's Austin .NET Users Group meeting. First, let me thank everyone that came-out for the event (including the "jQuery mafia")! I had a great time and I hope you were all able to learn something about Ajax as we weaved our way through JavaScript, jQuery, and ASP.NET AJAX 4.0. If you didn't learn anything and you hated the session...I'm sorry?

Really, I expected the session to crash and burn. Not becuase I wasn't prepared or because I didn't have confidence in the topic, but because I had a "bad omen" on the way to Austin. In the middle of my trek from Houston to Austin, located in nowhere Texas, traveling at 80 MPH (129 kph, for the rest of the world), I blew a tire. Fortunately, my "fancy dancy" car quickly informed me of the tire pressure issue and I was able to put my mechanical skills to good use and change my tire in 15 minutes flat, but something "unexpected" like that just throws-off your A-game as a speaker.
Fortunately, A-game or not, the session went well and I made it back to Houston with all four tires inflated. As a word to the wise (especially since I just got lucky on this point), take this post a chance to check the pressure of your spare tire. You never know when you're going to need it...
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