Monday, September 14, 2009

Twitter Approved: Telerik TFS tools

While Twitter only represents a small part of the overall developer community, it's still useful as way to get the "pulse" on a specific topic. It's especially interesting to watch the chatter after Telerik makes announcements. Will the modern Caesar "collective" of our time give Telerik a thumbs-up or thumbs-down?

I'm happy to report that the new TFS Work Item Manager and Project Dashboard have been received with thumbs-up. Some live reports from the Twitter front-lines:
  • oising: Free WPF-based TFS work item management tools from telerik (great for codeplex folks!)
  • bjuris: Really slick looking TFS app from Telerik
  • tommynorman: Very cool TFS tool from Telerik. And it is free!
  • damonpayne: Consensus around the office is that the Telerik work item manager is 1,000x better for TFS than the interface built into visual studio
  • CalebJenkins: TFS WorkItem tools from Telerik look sweet!
  • JasonBarile: The new Telerik TFS Workitem Manager and Project Dashboard betas are pretty cool.
  • drub0y: Wow! Telerik released AWESOME work item manager and dashboard apps (WPF based) for TFS... and they're FREE!
  • terziev: Pretty exciting to see the WIM and Dashboard go public. Had been waiting for that for a long time. #telerik #tfs #wim
  • caffeinatedgeek: FREE TFS TOOLS: Check out the Telerik Work Item Manager and Project Dashboard that #Imaginet built for #Telerik
Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback! We hope you enjoy these free tools and find them helpful in your own daily TFS workflows. If you want more help getting started with Telerik's TFS tools, don't miss the new videos on Telerik TV created by Microsoft RD and Imaginets CEO Joel Semeniuk:


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