Friday, September 11, 2009

New Sitefinity webinar on Telerik TV, Multi-language & Localization Support

Miss this week's Weekly Webinar? This week was another turn for Sitefinity CMS, and that means another great webinar from Sitefinity Evangelist Gabe Sumner. Gabe covered "Multi-language and Localization Support" for Sitefinity this week, so anyone who has been interested in using Telerik's CMS in a multi-language or international environment should find the content interesting. Topics covered include:

  • Overview of ASP.NET localization
  • Localizing Sitefinity pages
  • Changing localization cultures
  • Localizing the Sitefinity Admin
  • Much more, obviously...
The live webinar recording is already on Telerik TV for your immediate viewing pleasure. You can also find extensive notes on this topic on Sitefinity Watch. Gabe prepare's notes for every webinar and they are a great learning resource if you learn better by following notes vs. watching a video. In fact, if you're a Sitefinity developer (or fan), make sure you're subscribed to Sitefinity Watch for all of the latest and greatest news on that front.