Wednesday, September 30, 2009

RadGrid optimization webinar tomorrow, Register today

If you're like most developers using the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX, you're probably using RadGrid, Telerik's flagship grid component for the standards-based web. RadGrid allows you to do some incredible things in web applications without requiring you to write much (or any, in some cases) code. At some point, we've probably all experienced how RadGrid can help you create a ASP.NET page with data display, paging, filtering, grouping, editing, and "pretty styling" in a matter of minutes. We marveled at its ease of use and its ability to make us look like "super" developers to our bosses and clients.

But as any application (and developer) matures, your focus shifts from "create features fast" to "make the website as fast as possible." Fortunately, RadGrid can evolve with you. While the "codeless" approach allows you to maximize productivity, there are tons of techniques that you can employ to maximize performance.
It's exactly that path towards performance optimization that we'll explore in tomorrow's Weekly Webinar. Join me at 11:00 AM Eastern, tomorrow, Thursday, October 1st for the first part of an in-depth look specifically covering RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX optimization strategies. We'll set the stage for optimizing RadGrid and explore at least five optimization techniques that you can begin using in your projects today for improved performance. It'll be fast, but it'll be fun. See you in the morning!


Martin said...

Would it be possible (for future webinars) to also show the time in GMT, or Western-Europe format? Or at least display the current time on the webinar's start page?

This would save us poor europeans from calculating and guessing when exactly the webinar starts ;-)

Kdc31 said...

Hey Todd/Evan, when are you getting the video/docs uploaded?!?

Todd Anglin said...

@Martin- I'll do my best to do that in the future. For quick reference, GMT is +4 EDT, so weekly webinars are usually at 3:00 PM in Western Europe. The hard part is "syncing" everyone's daylight savings clock changes - that's usually why I post the time as "Eastern" and let the 100's of Google time converters do the trick depending on where you're located. :)

@Kdc - The video should be up later today. There was a little hiccup with the encoding, but it's uploading now and will be online soon.

Unknown said...

Recorded version of the webinar is available here:

Unknown said...

Todd - I wanted to thank you profusely for, and blab to every reader of your blog about, your heroic performance at SW Florida Code Camp.

Folks, Todd not only did three presentations of his own at this Code Camp, but filled in for a fourth who had to leave for a family emergency. I was lucky enough to be at that fourth presentation, and Todd left no doubt in the room as to why he's easily in my pantheon of heroes.

You have a standing invitation to SW Florida for life, Todd, and next year, fly out earlier (or leave later) so we can at least buy you a beer.

John Dunagan
Head Catherder - SW Florida Code Camp