Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First Q3 2009 Beta shipping tomorrow, RadControls for XAML (update)

Looking for a way to get over the midweek hump? How about a freshly minted beta from Telerik to play with? Tomorrow, Wednesday Thursday [UPDATE 2: problems solved, beta now available], Telerik will be shipping the first of the Q3 2009 betas. Tomorrow's beta will focus exlusively on previewing some of the new controls and features that will be part of the Q3 2009 RadControls for Silvelright and RadControls for WPF (remember, these suites share the same codebase and API). Among the things that will be featured in the Beta1 release:

  • New Controls (for Silverlight and WPF)
    • TileView - a flexible, animated, lightweight layout container
    • OutlookBar - a new UI component intended to provide functionality similar to (you guessed it) the panel bar in Outlook.
    • RibbonBar - Telerik's first RibbonBar for XAML (SL only)
    • Coverflow - All new and leveraging the 2D perspective engine in Silverlight 3 (SL only)
  • Improvements
    • TabControl - will get support for overflowing and scrolling tabs
    • Scheduler - will get new timeline view and resource grouping
    • Window - will get added to the WPF suite (already exists for Silverlight) (Oops! Window already exists for WPF. What I meant was...)
    • Docking - will get added to the WPF suite (already exists for Silverlight)
And that's just the quick highlights. Stay tuned for more details, previews, and videos once the beta ships. You can already preview some of these controls on the Silverlight and WPF road maps.
This beta will not preview all new functionality destined for the XAML suites in Q3, so you can expect to see more new controls (like RadMap) and features in Beta2 and in the final release. In our aim to incorporate as much feedback as possible in to the Q3 release, though, we're releasing Beta 1 with plenty of time for you to check it out and tell us what you think. Speak now or forever enjoy the Q3 2009 release in peace! (At least until Q1 2010...)
UPDATE: The betas for both WPF and Silverlight are now available for immediate download. Look for the "Beta version available" link under the WPF and Silverlight product downloads.


Gregory Wilmes said...

Is there a link to online betas (S3 and Xbap) ?

Todd Anglin said...

The Silverlight beta demos are available here: