Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Tweet and Win, Q3 2009 Telerik Twitter Contest

With Telerik's Q3 2009 Release Week set to kick-off tomorrow, it's time to introduce this release's Twitter Contest! Just as we did during Q2 this year, the official release Twitter contest is your chance to have some fun mentioning your favorite Telerik products while earning chances at winning Telerik prizes. This is a great chance for those of you that can't attend the upcoming Release Week Webinars to have a shot at some of this week's prizes.

Here are the contest guidelines for Q3 2009:
  • Tweet your favorite Telerik product or feature (or coming Q3 feature!) between Wednesday, November 4th and midnight (Eastern) on Thursday, November 12th
  • Include #telerikq309 in your tweet (must be there to be eligible)
  • Follow the official @Telerik
That's it! Two winners will be announced on Friday, November 13th. Each winner will receive a Telerik Premium Collection ($1300 value) or, for existing customers, an extension to their current license. Of course, only one entry per Twitter account will be counted, so no spam.
Have fun being creative with your tweets. Winners will be selected at random, but we always enjoy reading and featuring the most creative tweets. And to stay plugged-in to all of the latest Telerik tweets during Q3, don't miss the newly created Telerik Twitter list:
This list features many of the Telerik tweeters that primarily publish Telerik updates. It's a convenient one-stop list for all of your important Telerik Twitter updates. Enjoy the list. Enjoy the tweets. And very soon, get ready to enjoy Q3 2009!


Lawk Salih said...

Shoot! I missed this contest.

Todd Anglin said...

@Lawk - Don't worry, you haven't missed anything! You have until midnight (EST) on Nov 12 to "tweet to win."

Hope that helps.

Jordi said...

No report of the webinar-winnar of wednesday? :d

Todd Anglin said...

@Jordi - There was no Wednesday webinar. :) The final webinar was on Tuesday, but we'll be announcing the Twitter winner today!

Anonymous said...

Its already the 15th where are the winners posted?