Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tweet about Telerik Products and Win

tweet-and-win If you haven’t “won” something from Telerik in the last couple of weeks, you’ve got one more chance this week (after today’s TeamPulse giveaway, of course). And this contest doesn’t require you to stay up at all hours (depending on your timezone – thanks to those of you in Australia, Japan, and surrounding countries that attended the webinars last week)!

With the Q2 2010 release and the addition of the JustMock and TeamPulse products to the Telerik portfolio, we want you to help spread the word about all of the different types of products Telerik provides. Telerik now offers products in four distinct divisions:

  1. Developer Productivity
    • AJAX, MVC, Silverlight, WPF, WinForms, Reporting, ORM, JustCode, JustMock
  2. Team Productivity
  3. Automated Testing
    • WebUI Test Studio – Dev and QA Editions
  4. Web Content Management
    • Sitefinity CMS

For this “Tweet and Win” contest, your challenge is to tell the (Twitter) world about everything Telerik is doing these days. To enter the contest, simply:

  • Tweet about 4 Telerik products from at least 2 of the Telerik product divisions
  • Include #Telerik in your Tweet
  • Follow @Telerik (important if you want to win since we’ll be DM’ing the winners)

If you do that between now and this Friday, you’ll be in the drawing for 3 Telerik Ultimate Collections and an Apple iPad!

Got it? Here are some example tweets in case there is any confusion:

  • “AJAX=RadControls, CMS=Sitefinity, Testing=WebUITestStudio, Agile=TeamPulse #Telerik”
  • “DevProductivity=JustCode, JustMock, TeamProductivity=TeamPulse, Testing=WebUITestStudio #Telerik”
  • “DevProductivity= AJAX, Silverlight, ORM, MVC, JustCode, JustMock, Reporting, WinForms, WPF! TeamProductivity=TeamPulse #Telerik”

You get the idea. At least 4 products from at least 2 Telerik divisions. Tweet by Friday midnight (Eastern) and you could win valuable prizes.

Not on Twitter?! (Shocking…) Facebook more your style? We’re extending the contest there, too. On the Telerik Facebook Page, you’ll find a post on the wall about this contest (see image below for fool proof reference). Simply “Like” the post and leave a comment with the “4 from 2” rules above to enter to win.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

TeamPulse launch event next week, Free licenses for all attendees!

teampulse-cycle While you’re still enjoying the last of the Q2 2010 Webinar Week events, you can start looking forward to even more online events from Telerik next week. This first event next week is a big one. We will be officially launching TeamPulse, Telerik’s newest product, and we’ll be giving free licenses to all webinar attendees (more on that in a second)!

TeamPulse expands Telerik’s focus beyond software construction and testing, and introduces tools to help you in the early days of software project planning. TeamPulse is designed to make it easy to capture ideas, personas, user stories, and all related information needed to plan your software project. Built completely in Silverlight, TeamPulse is a rich visual tool designed for ease-of-use and intended to be consumed by developers, business analysts, and all members of a project team.

And while there are many agile planning tools around today, TeamPulse is doing many unique things (even in v1) that set it apart, such as:

  • Best Practice Guidance for Agile Teams – New to agile? Great! TeamPulse is here to help by providing built-in Best Practice Analysis. It’s like static code analysis for software development practices. TeamPulse will help check for best practice behavior and highlight areas that need attention.
  • Agile with Dates – Many agile tools don’t acknowledge the reality that projects exist in a date-driven world. TFS makes it especially hard to plan iterations and sprints with dates. With TeamPulse, you can be agile while still using dates to schedule your iterations and sprints.
  • Integration with TFS (coming in vNext) – If you’re a TFS shop, TeamPulse is a perfect addition. You can easily plan in TeamPulse (think of it as your sandbox) and then sync with TFS to carry your items, area, and iterations in to construction.

Clearly, there is much more happening in TeamPulse that we think you’ll enjoy. To see it all in action, join us for the launch webinar on Tuesday, July 27th at 11:00 AM. As extra incentive, we’ll be giving TeamPulse licenses to ALL live attendees of the event! We’ll also giveaway 3 Telerik Ultimate Collection licenses! What are you waiting for?! Register now!

Register for TeamPulse online launch event

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Free JustCode, JustMock licenses for all Thursday webinar attendees (update)

justcode-justmock Sometimes people use the saying “Everyone’s a winner,” when in fact everyone is not a winner. If you join us tomorrow for the JustCode, JustMock and OpenAccess ORM webinar, though, you will be a winner! Everyone is truly a winner tomorrow because everyone that attends the Q2 2010 What’s New webinar will get free licenses for both JustCode and JustMock, Telerik’s powerful Visual Studio productivity tools. That’s $500 worth of software just for attending the live webinar event!

To get your complimentary licenses, register now for the webinar, and then join us tomorrow, July 22nd at 11:00 AM Eastern. You must attend the live event to get your license.

If you’ve never worked with JustCode or JustMock, this is your lucky week. Both tools can save you tons of time while coding or testing in Visual Studio, especially with the new features in Q2 2010. JustCode, for instance, includes a built-in Unit Test Runner and powerful solution-wide code analysis, while JustMock makes it easy to mock anything (including LinqToSql or EntityFramework). Don’t miss your one chance to get these tools pro-bono! Clear your calendar and we’ll see you at 11:00 AM.

Register now for JustCode, JustMock webiar

[UPDATE: The emails with the free license codes have been sent. Check your inboxes and spam folders to get your code and claim your free copy of JustCode and JustMock.]

Virtual MVC Conference this Thursday, Join my sessions

mvcconf-2010 As if there wasn’t enough to do online this week with the Telerik Webinar Week, I have another online event that needs mentioning. This Thursday, July 22nd, from 8 AM to 5 PM Central time, there will be a virtual ASP.NET MVC conference. Conducted entirely over Live Meeting, the day long (free, Telerik-sponsored) conference, dubbed mvcConf, will feature 3 tracks with sessions exclusively covering ASP.NET MVC and related topics. There will be some great speakers presenting throughout the day, so if MVC is something you’re even remotely interested in, this is a great “event” to attend.

For my part, I’ll be delivering two sessions (official schedule should be on website soon):

  • Creating Rich MVC Views with Open Source Telerik Extensions
    11:00 AM Central Time
    ASP.NET MVC is a great web development platform, but it shouldn’t require you to write all HTML, CSS, and JavaScript by hand. Come learn how the free and open source Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC are making it easy to build rich MVC views by giving you MVC-native reusable UI components. This session will focus on how to add Telerik Extensions to an MVC project, how to use the rich Grid for MVC (including binding to web services), in addition to highlighting additional tools in the MVC toolbox, such as the new rich text Editor for MVC.
  • The Four C’s of Web Asset Optimization
    2:00 PM Central Time
    Learn how to leverage the four C’s of web asset optimization- caching, combining, compressing, and CDNs- to deliver higher performance standards-based web sites. By applying one or all of these techniques to JavaScript and CSS resources, ASP.NET MVC applications can improve load-time performance and scalability. This session will  also look at two Extensions included in the open source Telerik Extensions for MVC- ScriptRegistrar and StyleSheetRegistrar- that simplify the actions required to optimize web assets.

So, right after you attend the JustCode/JustMock/OpenAccess ORM Telerik webinar (at 10:00 AM Central), jump over and join me for some MVC fun at mvcConf. If the conference will allow it, I’ll give away a few commercial licenses for the Telerik MVC Extensions and JustMock to attendees of my sessions.

One final note: the event is currently sold out! I know, unusual for an online event, but I’m told it has to do with the event’s access to Live Meeting (or Live Meeting limits, or something…). Fortunately, they are working on streaming sessions via UStream, too, so check the conference website for updates (or check their official Twitter account). Otherwise, I’ll see you- virtually- at mvcConf on Thursday.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Q2 2010 Webinar Week underway, Videos on Telerik TV

Quick! If you’ve already missed the first two Webinar Week webinars, you’ve still got time to catch the remaining events this week and next. Everyday this week at 11 AM Eastern, we’re hosting a live webinar to help you get started with the Q2 2010 bits from Telerik. Yesterday, we kicked things off and talked about What’s New in AJAX and MVC (recording embedded above). Today we just wrapped-up an overview of What’s New in Reporting and WinForms. And tomorrow we’re talking XAML.

To register for any of the upcoming webinars, visit this post and follow the quick registration links.

Also, don’t forget about our upcoming “Ask the Experts” webinar on Friday, August 5th. It’s the perfect time to bring your questions and get answers live from Telerik Evangelists, Developer Support Specialists, and Telerik MVPs.

Otherwise, we hope you continue to enjoy Q2 2010 and all that it has to offer. If you’re still try to get your hands on a Q2 2010 Ultimate Collection license, you’ll definitely want to join the webinars where you’ll have a chance everyday to win Telerik software!

Friday, July 16, 2010

What’s being said about Telerik Q2 2010

megaphone-green It’s only days after Telerik shipped the major Q2 2010 release, and already the internet is abuzz with praise for our latest round of bits. Both “traditional” media and the always buzzing social media are talking about Q2 2010. From the traditional press, you can find good articles talking about Q2 2010 bits here:

A Busy Week, But a Good One
Dr. Dobb’s – M-Dev Update (by Jon Erickson)

Telerik Pushes Design, Testing Tools
SD Times (by Dave Worthington)

Meanwhile, from the vocal Twitterland, developers are spreading the word about the Telerik release and adding their two-cents (or stotinky, if you’re in Bulgaria) as they go:

“Congratulations to @Telerik - JustCode excellent updates on the Q2 2010 with this great news :D”
(by @djonatastenfen)

“…the HTML that that #Telerik control outputs is perfect - images are imbedded! What we were looking for.”
(by @lancelarsen – he’s talking about the new RichTextBox for Silverlight)

“New #telerik Silverlight Demo based on 2010 Q2 controls, is available. Looks super clean!”
(by @BenHayat)

“Started up visual studio with a nice surprise alert: new version of JustCode from #Telerik is out!”
(by @SelAromDotNet)

“AWESOME http://demos.telerik.com/silverlight/#Controls
(by @ssdulawat)

“Liking what I see in Telerik Silverlight controls Q2 2010: http://bit.ly/9R7Ezf. Like the XAP minifier.”
(by @gillcleeren)

“…Cool re freebies from Telerik. They just released Q2 of their toolkit today. Looks ace.”
(by @graemehumphrey)

“Telerik have just released a new beta of their mvc extensions. Some very nice stuff in there. http://bit.ly/aSoj1u #dotnet #mvc”
(by @seancross)

“Just bought the Telerik suite for silverlight and wpf. Lovin it”
(by @JoshGraham78)

“Wow, Telerik's OpenAccess ORM looks impressive http://tinyurl.com/3anzsvh
(by @coridrew)

Even the blogosphere (yes, people still blog in this ago of “social updates”) is spreading love and excitement for the Q2 release:

HTML Editor in Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC
(by David Hayden)

New goodies in the Q2 Release of Telerik OpenAccess : Part I
(by Stephen Forte – an “insider,” but a great intro post)

What do you think of Q2 2010? Hopefully you’re discovering and enjoying the new features, controls, and tools. Be sure to join us next week for the “What’s New Webinars,” which will help answer any questions you have about the new bits. Until then, keep on enjoying Telerik’s Q2 release and be sure to share your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

(NW) Arkansas DNUG Road Trip

state-flag-arkansas In the midst of a busy Telerik Q2 release week, I’m multi-tasking and doing a .NET User Group Road Trip in Northwest Arkansas. Visiting 6 DNUGs in 4 days and delivering 3.5 different talks, this week is definitely busy! At this point, there is one more major “public” stop left on the DNUG Road Trip (a few stops are “private” corporate DNUGs in the area), and so far all stops have been great. Northwest Arkansas has a great .NET community and it’s been fun talking about Silverlight 4, HTML5, and Building Testable Data Layers with this group of smart developers.

The “public stop” schedule this week was (and is):

  1. Forth Smith .NET User Group on Monday
    Talk: The Rich Standard: Getting Familiar with HTML5
  2. Northwest Arkansas DNUG on Tuesday
    Talk: Building a Testable Data Layer
  3. Northwest Arkansas SQL Users Group on Wednesday
    Talk: What’s New in Silverlight 4 (with a “data twist”)
  4. Ozark DNUG on Thursday
    Talk: Building a Testable Data Layer

I’ll update this post with slides and code soon, but in the mean time, if you’re in the area, why not join us for the last stop of the road trip tonight, Thursday, at 6:00 PM at the Ozark .NET User Group? It’ll be a fun talk and there will be some more great Telerik swag to give away.

Thanks to all of the community leaders in the area for helping make this Road Trip a success, and for doing a good job growing an active .NET community. I look forward to coming back!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

60+ Q2 2010 videos on Telerik TV

ttv-tv Looking for a way to get started with the Q2 bits while you wait for next week’s Q2 2010 What’s New webinars? Then why not swing by the recently improved Telerik TV, where you’ll find over 60 new videos created to help you learn the Q2 2010 controls and features. Videos for everything from Telerik Reporting to JustCode to WebUI Test Studio have been posted, and most are “bite size” in length, making it quick and easy for you to use the video to learn a specific lesson.

More videos will be streaming out to Telerik TV this week, so check back often for even more Q2 video learning. Specifically, you’ll soon see more videos covering the new features in OpenAccess ORM, RadControls for AJAX integration with SharePoint, and getting started videos for the new beta features in the Telerik Extensions for MVC. Stay tuned!

For now, you can get started with the quick four minute “overview” what’s new video for Q2 2010 (pre- a much needed hair cut on my part!):


Q2 2010 is live, Download today!

q2-2010-release And just like that, the next major Q release from Telerik is available on Telerik.com! Today marks the official release of all Q2 2010 bits, which means all ten developer products in the Telerik Ultimate Collection have been updated! I’m always amazed (even as an insider) at our ability to consistently deliver high quality releases full of new features and innovation on time, and I’m sure you’re going to enjoy what you find in this release. While there is tons that could be talked about in a release this big, let me draw your attention to a few major improvements you’ll find:

  1. (Real) RichTextBox for Silverlight
    Sure, Silverlight 4 ships with a “richtextbox,” but anybody who has worked with it knows its limits (no “end-user features,” support for only XAML formatting, etc.). The RadRichTextBox for Silverlight that officially ships today finally gives developers a native Silverlight text editor that can import/export HTML(!), Word’s DOCX format, and XAML. It also includes built-in support for paged(!) printing. Enjoy. (TIP: If you see the old Q2 online demos, try clearing your browser’s cache.)
  2. Assembly Minifier for Silverlight
    If you’re building Silverlight apps, you know how important (and challenging) it is to keep them small. Telerik goes the extra mile in Q2 2010 by giving you a new tool to help you minify your Telerik RadControl assemblies. Check it out online and watch for some powerful improvements in this tool in upcoming releases.
  3. Improved Automated Testing for Silverlight Apps
    Now that the Telerik Ultimate Collection includes the Dev Edition of WebUI Test Studio, I expect many more of you are starting to experience the benefits of automated UI testing. In this release, Telerik extends its industry leading support for testing Silverlight by adding support for creating Out-of-Browser Silverlight app tests, support for testing ChildWindows and Pop-ups, improved support for virtualized lists, and a cool new pixel-based image verification (for “visual” validation of an app).
  4. Round-Trip Mapping in OpenAccess ORM
    One of my favorite features in Q2 2010 is the new Round-Trip Mapping support in OpenAccess. Not only does the Visual Designer now support forward and reverse mapping, it lets you “switch” between forward and reverse mapping at any time in a project. No more “either or” decisions about making projects forward or reverse mapped. This makes OpenAccess very flexible (more than any other ORM I’m aware of) and enables some new cool scenarios (such as, reverse map to start a project, then forward map as your project evolves).
  5. Official Release of JustMock!
    And finally, JustMock, our newest developer productivity tool. JustMock makes mocking as easy (as possible) in unit tests by fully leveraging the language features of .NET to provide an intuitive, fluid API. It also integrates with JustCode to help you write some of your mocking code, making it easy to start mocking even if you’ve never done any in the past.

That’s already a lot of value, and I haven’t even mentioned the new controls and features in the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX, Telerik Extensions for MVC, RadControls for WinForms, or the other 12 new controls in the RadControls for XAML, OR the new interactive features in Reporting! Clearly, too much for one blog post, so for now, the most important thing to do is download the new bits and try things out for yourself. So…download the new bits and enjoy Q2. More details and coverage to come!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Firefox 4 beta arrives, HTML5 browser war heats up


Don’t look now, but the next wave of browsers is starting to roll-out. Just five days ago Opera shipped version 10.6 of their “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” web browser, and today Mozilla has followed with the first beta release of Firefox 4. Google continues to spin the versions on Chrome with v5 in beta and now rocking “native” Flash support, while Microsoft slowly works on churning out their return-to-standards IE 9 (begging for attention with their impressive hardware acceleration). And let’s not forget Apple, which released Safari 5 about a month ago at WWDC.

It has been about 6 months since browsers really stole headlines, but the entire arena of browser excitement has been gaining steam during the first half of 2010. Individual milestones from the browser makers have marked the road:

  • Microsoft made (and continues to make) waves with IE9’s hardware acceleration, pushing the idea of browser performance reaching new levels by using more hardware.
  • Google has arguably done the most to refocus the browser industry on performance, but it was the introduction of the open Web M video format that really surprised at Google IO.
  • Apple has not done much to make Safari on the desktop more popular, but they have elevated the awareness (and power) of HTML5 by popularizing rich mobile browsers on the iPhone and iPad (and defiantly refusing to support Flash).

The world’s second most popular browser, Firefox, has not had much to say in the mean time, so the introduction of Firefox 4 beta finally rounds-out the browser conversation. Firefox 4 beta ships with a radically re-imagined (or quickly “borrowed”) tab experience, support for the new WebM video format, and the requisite improvements in support for HTML5 and CSS3.

Ultimately, the current wave of browsers is coalescing around competing on a few key “web battlegrounds:”

  1. Performance – Chrome redefined the browser performance standard 2 years ago, and everyone (including Google) has been working ever since to go faster. The current wave of browsers is intently focused on faster JavaScript processing, faster HTML/CSS rendering, and faster browser startup speed.
  2. HTML5 – The new wave of browsers won’t have 100% uniform support for the collection of standards that define “HTML5,” but there will be broad support for the core features that move the standards-based, rich web in to the future. Even Microsoft has set the bar high for delivering complete standards support in IE9.
  3. Video – Yes, video. While a relatively small feature in the grand scheme, it is a contentious feature since it quickly derails “HTML5 is the future” conversations in to talking about the need for rich plug-ins (like Silverlight). The new wave of browsers is aiming to make video delivery on the web as familiar and uniform as static images.

For web developers and consumers this is a win-win situation. Browser makers are finally competing on meaningful features that will help reenergize web development in the same way Ajax did in 2005. If the makers can ship browsers that live-up to the promises, we’ll all be browsing the web faster and interacting with rich applications, previously the exclusive realm of plug-ins and client development.

The only challenge to this utopian future: legacy browsers. So why not do the future a favor and help an IE6 user move in to the “pre-future” today?

Telerik, of course, continues to test and commit to supporting the latest browsers as they emerge, both with our RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX and our open source UI Extensions for ASP.NET MVC. I’ll provide more details on how we’re embracing HTML5 and the new browsers in future blogs posts. For now, give some of the latest HTML5, speed-demon browsers a test:

Download Firefox 4 Beta 1
Download Chrome 5 Beta
Download IE9 Platform Preview
Download Safari 5 (actually, not a beta!)
Download Opera 10.6 (if you just love being unique)

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Silverlight Pivot on Telerik TV

ttv-pivot Hot on the heels of this week’s official Microsoft release of Pivot for Silverlight, we have added experimental Pivot support to Telerik TV! For those unfamiliar, Pivot (and the related PivotViewer), is a powerful data visualization tool from Microsoft (for Silverlight 4) that makes it easy to visualize “collections” in a fun, powerful and engaging way. It relies on a combination of DeepZoom technology, XML, and the new PivotViewer UI control.

On Telerik TV, we have implemented experimental video search using a dynamic Pivot. Pivot collections and images are created and cached on the fly, using OpenAccess ORM on the backend, and then served via the Microsoft PivotViewer. The result is an incredibly rich and engaging approach to searching Telerik TV.

Clearly, this is very experimental and “beta” at this point. I’ll be publishing more details on the implementation soon (it took less than a day to implement the viewer), and we’ll be working on making the Pivot loading process faster and more robust. For now, Telerik is proud to be one of the first companies to deliver a Pivot-based implementation and we hope you enjoy the new view on Telerik TV!

Try Pivot video search now