Wednesday, October 06, 2010

LIDNUG ASP.NET 4 presentation wrap-up

Ah, LIDNUG. The largest .NET User Group in the world (virtually). We had a great presentation yesterday covering what’s new in ASP.NET 4, with people joining from around the globe to see how Microsoft has improved WebForms in the “senior” release. We covered everything from changes in ViewState, to new modes for rendering ControlIDs, to simple ways you can leverage features of Dynamic Data in WebForms pages. In fact, the Dynamic Data demos lead @coridrew to express on Twitter:

"I want to cry with joy over the Dynamic Data enhancements I'm seeing demo'd in Telerik's .NET 4.0 webcast right now"

Thanks, @coridrew! If you missed the meeting, fear not. I've embedded the slides from today's presentation in this post (check in a browser if you're not seeing the slides in your RSS reader), and you can already grab the on-demand recording from the LIDNUG website. Hope you learn something useful about ASP.NET 4 and find new ways to be more productive as an ASP.NET developer!