Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ajax Manager WebCast full!

Well that didn't take long. After announcing late last week the WebCast that I'll be doing with Microsoft this Thursday (in which I'll be demoing Telerik's new Ajax Manager for ASP.NET AJAX for the first time publicly), the event registration is already full. I want to thank everyone who has registered for this event for already making it a huge success and for showing such eager interest in seeing what Telerik is doing with ASP.NET AJAX. I hope promise you'll like what you see.

For everyone who wasn't able to register for the event before it filled-up, I have some good news. The entire Live Meeting WebCast will be available on the Microsoft website next week for your on demand viewing pleasure. Joe Stagner, the Microsoft host for this event, will post a link on his blog when the video is available and I'll of course pass the news along to you here.

I look forward to virtually seeing you all in a couple of days and to brining you more events like this in the future!


ScotDarr said...

I was unable to get a reservation for the webcast before it filled up.
We are currently using the RadAjaxManager in a product that is about to be released and I was wondering if the back navigation support was going to make it in the Q1 2007 release?

Todd Anglin said...


To the best of my knowledge, automatic support for the back button will not make it into the Q1 release for RadAjax.

The product that I'll be demoing today is actually an Ajax Manager built on (and using) ASP.NET AJAX. With this product, you could theoretically use the back button solution provided by Nikhil Kothari on his website:


Hopefully back button support will make it into the RadAjax product in a future release, though. Be sure to cast your vote on the Telerik "new suggestion" forums.