Friday, March 02, 2007

Q4 2006 SP2 released!

As predicted early this week, the Q4 2006 SP2 has been officially released. This service pack is big even as big service packs go. Before you rush out and install the SP, though, be aware that this service pack introduces breaking changes for r.a.d.chart. The charting engine in r.a.d.chart is about to do double triple duty as it finds its way into the soon to be released Telerik Reporting and Telerik's new WinForms products. In order to accommodate these new environments, many of the classes in r.a.d.chart have been moved to a new Telerik.Charting namespace (still in the RadChart assembly). Make sure you add references to the new namespace on any page or control that has a chart.

With that warning out of the way, let's look at some of the cool things in this update:

  • r.a.d.ajax "flickering" issues with Firefox have been fixed
    • See this announcement for details on the trouble Mozilla created with their "minor" update to Firefox last week.
  • Over 15 fixes and improvements for r.a.d.calendar
  • Secondary Y-axis support added to chart
    • That should make the breaking changes worth the trouble, right?
  • New ShowDropDownOnTextBoxClick property for combobox
  • Many critical fixes for r.a.d.editor including fixed AjaxSpellCheck behavior and display
  • r.a.d.grid received tons of updates
    • 24 bugs addressed
    • 11 new features added, including 7 new client-side events that give you control over grid expanding and collapsing
  • Support for HierarchalDataSource added to menu, tabstrip, panelbar, and treeview
  • New documentation and examples for r.a.d.upload
Phew...that's a lot and I've only highlighted some of the updates. Check out the full release notes to see everything that has changed and then download your copy of the Service Pack. Breaking changes aside, this is definitely a service pack you want to apply right away.