Monday, March 10, 2008

Sitefinity 3.2 released, available for download

This post is monumental for a couple of reasons. First, this is the 300th post on Telerik Watch since its humble beginnings a little more than a year ago. Hopefully you've enjoyed the perspective I bring to the .NET and Telerik scene via this blog- if you don't, hopefully you're not paining yourself to keep reading. Here's to another 300 entertaining and educational posts.

Second, and more importantly, Sitefinity 3.2 is officially out and available for download! This is a big update to the Telerik CMS system and it's packing tons of new features and enhancements. Many of the new features have been covered before on this blog, so I'll let you review the old posts to see what's in 3.2. As you know, Sitefinity 3.2 suffered a few delays in getting to this point, but the finished product is a great update and well worth the wait. Watch for a SP1 in a few weeks to address any major release bugs and then an updated road map for 4.0 very soon. For those early adopters, what do you think of Sitefinity 3.2?

Download Sitefinity 3.2 Update