Wednesday, January 28, 2009

IE 8 release candidate now available

If you're a web developer (and I know many of you reading this blog are), now's the time to download the latest version of Internet Explorer and begin seriously testing your sites. This week Microsoft released the first IE 8 RC build, which really is the last step before the big RTW (release to web) that makes IE 7's successor official. The new build of IE8 is supposed to be more stable and better performing than the betas, and it's also (according to the IE Team) "effectively complete and done." That means what you see today should pretty much be what you see when IE 8 starts shipping to the masses, so any problems your web sites exhibit need to be fixed (or made compatible via the handy IE8 Compatibility Meta Tag).

Telerik is already busy running all test suites against IE8 RC1 and we plan to have full support for the browser when it ships. We have, of course, been testing and working with IE8 since the early previews, so you can already find broad support for IE8 in the current RadControl bits. Expect all lingering problems to be addressed in-time for the RTW.