Thursday, February 05, 2009

Demos Featuring RadControls for Silverlight

slDemoApps As you should know by now, Telerik is pushing hard to build one of the highest-performing, most complete set of LOB controls for Silverlight. We've already introduced many of the core controls required by LOB apps- like RadTreeView, RadGauges, RadDragDropFramework, and RadNavigation- and we've got many more planned for our rapidly approaching Q1 release, such as a very powerful DataGrid and Charts for Silverlight. And while it's great to have all of these controls available, you really need to see them to understand how they can help you build the rich applications Silverlight is designed to support. Fortunately, Telerik has got you covered!

Available for your immediate viewing pleasure are 6 demo applications, all featuring the RadControls for Silverlight:

Beyond the 6 "polished" demos featured here, there are also a number of demos available for download that help you understand RadGridView in even greater detail:

And is if that were not enough to keep you busy for a while, there are even a few "bonus" demos available in the downloads. If you look at your downloads, you'll find a Zip file labeled "Navigation Examples" that contains three more demos showing you how to use RadNavigation. They're a great starting point for learning how to build multi-XAML form Silverlight applications.

Have fun playing with the RadControls for Silverlight and stay tuned for some more exciting previews of our Q1 2009 features very soon!