Friday, February 27, 2009

Announcing Q1 Webinar Week

Are you looking for the best way to understand what's new in Telerik's upcoming Q1 2009 release? Then you don't want to miss the huge Q1 Webinar Week! This week long event, hosted by the Telerik Evangelism crew, will bring you a new webinar everyday for a week to show you what's new in one of the biggest Telerik releases ever. Every Telerik product will be covered and every webinar will be loaded with demos and information. Here's the schedule: Monday: Getting Started with Sitefinity 3.6 Tuesday: Introducing Telerik Q1 2009 & WebUI Test Studio Wednesday: What's new in RadControls for WinForms & WPF Thursday: What's new in RadControls for ASP.NET & Silverlight Friday: What's new in Telerik Reporting & OpenAccess ORM Everything kicks-off on Monday, March 9th. Every webinar will be held at 11 AM EST (to try accommodate as many timezones around the world as we can) and we'll work quickly to make webinars available on Telerik TV shortly after the live events. The webinars will also be a bit shorter than normal- about 45 minutes- so that you can easily attend more than one event during the release week. Registration for these webinars is now open, so reserve your free seat today and set your Outlook reminders. There are tons of exciting new features- and products- to learn about in Q1, so jumpstart your learning and make the most of this release by joining us for Webinar Week Q1 2009!


Asit said...

Are these sessions going to be recorded?

Todd Anglin said...

@Asit- Yes they will. And we'll try to get them on TTV as fast as we can!