Friday, February 06, 2009

Join Telerik at the South Florida Code Camp tomorrow

Hailing all .NET developers and Telerik customers in Florida: your next chance to hang out with the .NET community and meet with Telerik has arrived! Tomorrow, Saturday, February 7th is the 2009 South Florida Code Camp. It's a free event- you can still register online- and it promises to be a great event for .NET learning. Things will get kicked-off at 7:30 AM (yay...) and run through 5:45 PM. Throughout the day there will be 12 simultaneous tracks running, covering everything from web development to business intelligence. There are already nearly 800 people registered, and if last year is any indication, I fully expect most of them to show-up and create a great event. Telerik is again a Gold Sponsor of the event and we're also sponsoring the "After Party," too. I'll be flying down this evening and delivering two sessions during tomorrow's packed agenda: one on ASP.NET MVC and one on ViewState Tips & Tricks. I'll also be hanging out at Telerik's "micro booth" throughout the day, so be sure to stop by and say 'hi.' In fact, if you ask, I'll even give you a sneak peak of Telerik's mysterious brand new product that will be launching with Q1! Go to be early and I'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning at DeVry!


Anonymous said...


Great presentation on ViewState, looking forward to the notes and code samples!


p.s. I won the girls shirt! But no problems cause I already use the RadControls for ASP.NET

Unknown said...

Yes, one of the best presentation along with the Data Mining one. Congratulations !!!
Also look forward to your notes as well as sample code.

Let us know.