Friday, February 20, 2009

"Getting Started with the RadControls for Silverlight" webinar wrap-up

As you can see, the Silverlight webinar is done and already posted for your viewing pleasure on Telerik TV. The webinar went very well-at least it did from my perspective- and I hope all of you that attended live enjoyed the session. You asked some great questions (which I will answer soon and make available on this blog) and hopefully you got most of the answers you needed during the live show. For those not at the live event, here's what I ended-up covering in the 75-minute Silverlight webinar:

  • Adding the RadControls to the VS toolbox
  • Working with RadMenu, RadWindow, RadCoverflow for Silverlight
  • Binding RadCoverflow to a Flickr web service
  • Preview of RadGridView for Silverlight (filtering, grouping, data binding, etc.)
  • RadPageNavigation (navigating between XAML pages, history support, deep linking)
  • Theming (how to apply themes to the RadControls)
As you can see, we covered a lot. Hopefully I didn't go too fast (I know that's my weakness). Enjoy the on-demand resource and definitely stay tuned for the Q1 2009 release (which is only a few weeks away) where TONS of new stuff is coming to the RadControls for Silverlight. Want to know what's coming? Watch the video! Watch "Getting Started with the RadControls for Silverlight" on Telerik TV (bigger size)


Unknown said...

Great session Todd!