Thursday, February 26, 2009

Telerik Watch Minute Editing RadSilverlight Templates

It's been a few weeks, so it's high-time for another fine-blended edition of Telerik Watch Minute. This week is a double feature: news + a Silverlight demo. With Q1 just around the corner, there's plenty of news to share- but I didn't want leave out the little technical tip. So, you'll get your quick 60 seconds of news up-front and then I'll give you a quick 7 minute demo showing everything you need to know to get started customizing the XAML control templates for the RadControls for Silverlight. I'll use the RadTabStrip for Silverlight in today's demo since it already works well in Expression Blend, but all of the RadControls for Silverlight in Q1 will work the same way, making it very easy to customize the look at feel of any Telerik XAML control. Enjoy! Watch this episode on Telerik TV HD (bigger size)