Thursday, March 12, 2009

Telerik Q1 2009 (fully) released!

It's been a fun and exciting release week, and now all of the Q1 2009 release bits are available for immediate download on That's 7 releases (8, if you count the new Telerik Visual Studio Extensions) all shipped to you this week, right on schedule! And did you see the news on the Telerik blogs? The "Downloads" section in your accounts has been revamped just in time for Q1 so that you no longer have to click through multiple screens and tabs just to download new bits. Go directly to your accounts and start downloading! All of the live, online demos have been updated, too! So for those of you just interested in "kicking the tires" before spending time downloading and installing, the demos are ready. Here are some quick links to get you started: RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX online demos RadControls for Silverlight online demos RadControls for WPF "online" demos (XBAP) RadControls for WinForms free trial Telerik Reporting online "demos" (rendered reports) Telerik OpenAccess ORM online demos Sitefinity CMS Demo Site (with demo Admin access) There is no online demo for the new Telerik WebUI Test Studio, so instead I'll encourage to watch the videos covering this new product on Telerik TV. Enjoy the release bits and don't miss the last Release Week webinar on Friday!


Anonymous said...

Nice release as always !

This time there is a 'but', Telerik's forum seems to be under maintenance and most important : new skins are a nightmare, too much layout problems compared to old skins but there is an appearance problem (text is too small, too bold).