Wednesday, January 17, 2007

IE7 quickly replacing IE6

In an excited post from the IE Team, we learn that IE7 has been installed more the 100 million times and already represents the second most popular browser on the web (second to IE6, of course). If you're a web developer- and you probably are if you read this blog- this is good news because it means IE7 is being adopted very quickly and our years of hacking away at IE6 to get pages to display correctly will be over soon eventually.

Digging deeper into WebSideStory's site (the publishers of Internet browser stats), I uncovered an old press release from June of 2006 that gave the full breakdown of browser usage stats by country. At that time, FireFox usage on average was 14%, Opera/Netscape/Safari usage was about 4%, and IE usage sat at 83%. The latest news doesn't change the distribution picture much, but it does mean that an increasing chunk of that 83% share will represent a (more) standards compliant browser.

If you're a r.a.d.controls developer, though, you can take this news with a grain of salt since all r.a.d.controls are cross browser compatible. It just means everything else we style with CSS will start to work across browsers as easily as our r.a.d.controls already do.