Monday, January 29, 2007

r.a.d.chart survey

Telerik is looking for your feedback again, this time to tell them what you think of r.a.d.chart. Late last year, telerik finally started to invest some serious development time in this long ignored control and the results thus far have been impressive. The Q4 2006 chart release introduced a new Visual Studio WYSIWYG design time wizard that finally made the task of designing charts as easy as adding a chart to an Office document. We also saw the (long overdue) addition of automatic data binding and (as of SP1) native support for rendering shadows (we can finally stop using background images to fake shadows in chart).

So where do we go in 2007? That largely depends on what you tell telerik in the new chart survey. You can access the survey through your account or via the direct link below. And as with most telerik surveys, you 2500 Telerik Points (which equals $25 in telerik bucks) just for sharing your thoughts.

P.S. Rather than create a separate post for this issue, I thought I'd mention a problem with the chart SP1 released last Wednesday. If you eagerly downloaded SP1 as soon as it was available, you may have noticed that the design time wizard no longer works. The problem has been fixed and a new version of chart was uploaded to your account on Friday. Download that version to restore the Visual Studio chart wizard goodness.