Wednesday, January 24, 2007

updated machine.config for Q4 2006 SP1

Until the telerik installer learns how to do this, those of us that GAC the r.a.d.controls must update our machine.config (or web.config, if you prefer) with the latest control version numbers. This is not a hard task, but it can be tedious. Call me generous, but I've done the tedious work for you again by creating an updated Q4 2006 SP1 machine.config that contains all of the necessary entries for using the r.a.d.control suite (including r.a.d.callback). The document includes the assembly and control definitions (so you don't have to use any Register tags in your ASPX pages for the r.a.d.controls), HttpHandlers for upload and spell, and the HttpModule for upload. Just copy and paste into your config files and get straight to enjoying the updates in SP1! View the updated config file