Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Q4 2006 SP1 due next week

According to Georgi Tunev (and a handful of other telerik team members), the first service pack for the Q4 2006 r.a.d.controls will be available sometime next week. Not much is known at this point about what the service pack will address, but here are a few things you should expect to find:

  • Several major fixes for r.a.d.editor:
    - Issue where AJAX spellcheck causes scrollbars to be shifted down two-lines will be fixed
    - Issue with AJAX spellcheck that can cause spellchecked text to disappear and be replaced with old text should be fixed
    - RealFontSize tool will be added to editor (it didn't make the Q4 release as planned)
    - Growing editor issue caused by switching from Edit mode to HTML mode should be fixed
  • The ability to format time in the r.a.d.calendar TimePicker will be addedCode introduced to r.a.d.ajax in Q4 to support Server.Transfer will be removed due to problems it caused in existing scenarios
  • A problem with r.a.d.splitter's SaveLoadStateOnServer implementation that can cause panes to "break" after a PostBack will be fixed
  • A bug in r.a.d.treeview that broke the ability to retain scroll position will be fixed

This is definitely not a full list of the issues that will be addressed by the service pack, but if one of these issues is affecting you, rest assured a fix is on the way. As soon as the service pack is available, I'll post a link to the full list of issues it addresses.