Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Q4 2006 SP1 released today!

Telerik was obviously waiting on the ASP.NET AJAX RTM to release SP1, because less than 24 hours after Microsoft’s AJAX framework was finalized we have SP1 in our hands (and yes, it makes all r.a.d.controls fully compatible with ASP.NET AJAX RTM). SP1 is packed full of enhancements and bug fixes, so this is a service pack you definitely want to test and apply as soon as possible.

In addition to the anticipated fixes I mentioned last week, telerik has done a lot of work on r.a.d.grid (19 bugs addressed) and r.a.d.calendar (10 bugs addressed and 3 enhancements added). r.a.d.chart received what is perhaps the most interesting new feature in this release with the addition of a brand new “Shadow Rendering Engine” for Pie, Gantt, Bubble, Line, Spline and Bezier charts. Curiously, bar charts were not mentioned in the release notes.

Download SP1 today from your accounts on With Q1 2007 due sometime in April, I expect there will be a SP2 (and possible SP3) for the Q4 release, so stay tuned for updates on when those will be released.

Special Note: I apologize to those of you who had trouble accessing Telerik Watch or posting comments today. Telerik Watch runs on Google’s Blogger service, which was down for several hours today undergoing “unscheduled maintenance” (a.k.a. they broke it). Hopefully Google will let us know what happened…

Edit: Thanks to a comment from Vladimir Milev at Telerik, we get a little more clarification on the capabilities of chart's new Shadow Rendering Engine. All chart series, axis, labels, and the data table have the new shadowing capabilities. I will try to post some sample screenshots of this new functionality soon.


vladimir milev said...

Hi Todd,

Actually all types of series, axis, labels and the data table have shadowing functionality. We simply forgot to mention this in the release notes. Thanks for pointing this out.

Vladimir Milev

Todd Anglin said...

Thanks Vladimir!

I've updated the post with these new details.