Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Create a custom Telerik skin, Win an Xbox 360 (update)

Telerik has kicked-off a new contest aimed to encourage developers (and designers) to submit their custom skins for Telerik's RadControls. The contest, which runs through September 1st, is officially dubbed the Telerik "Skin Exchange Program." All you have to do to enter is submit your custom skin on the Telerik website for any of Telerik's RadControls. Your skin will then be tested and made available to the general Telerik community for use in projects around the world. At the end of the contest, three winners will be randomly selected to receive the Xbox 360 and RadControls subscription prizes.

Easy enough? If you need help creating a custom skin, check out my optimization article on skinning that includes a custom skin I built for RadTabStrip. Now fire-up Photoshop and start skinning!

Submit your custom skin now
Download community submitted skins

UPDATE: I have a correction to make, pointed-out by loyal reader and all-around fact checker Gregory. The winners on the Skin Competition will be selected by community vote- not randomly. Also, you can continue to submit skins after September 1st (the Skin Exchange is here to stay), but if you want a shot at winning the prizes, you must get your skin uploaded by the deadline.