Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Q2 2008 Futures release now live

Want to be among the first to play with the changes coming to the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX in Q2 2008? If so, you need to download the just released "Futures" build for the ASP.NET AJAX controls (read my old post for clarification of the "Futures" term- we'll probably revert to the term "Beta" next year...maybe). This release showcases everything that will be happening in Q2 2008, including the first preview of the revived RadRotator control. Among the things coming to the RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX in Q2 are:

  • New, built from scratch, RadRotator- a new beginning for an old control
  • New sorting, filtering, and client-side events in RadCombobox
  • Huge improvements in RadGrid
    • New client-side data binding
    • Tons of new client-side objects, methods
    • Many important bug fixes
  • Important new features in RadScheduler
    • Improved client-side loading time (claimed 30% faster)
    • New Exchange data provider!
  • Two-thumb sliders now supported in RadSlider
  • New common skin for all controls: Gray
    • Like new Telerik skin, just gray - see post pic for RadGrid example
You can see all of the new features running right now in the Futures live demos. The only new control in this release is the re-built RadRotator, and in the Futures build it is still an acknowledged weak control. There is a huge focus on that control in the run-up to the official Q2 release and you can expect it to be much improved by the end of July (and even more so in SP1).

Other gotchas in this release:
  • There are some breaking changes in RadUpload. The changed features are minor and relate only to localization, but if you use RadUpload localization you'll want to take note.
  • Two embedded skins are being retired in Q2: Default2006 and Mac. The Telerik skin has also be updated, so be prepared to check for design consistency if you use those skins. The old skins will remain available as extra downloads for use as external skins if you need them.
Hopefully you enjoy the features in this release. Q2 has been a very short dev cycle for Telerik as we continue to transition to our tri-annual (3 releases per year) release calendar, but I think we've managed to do a lot. Enjoy the "beta" bits and watch for the final release in a couple weeks.


Joe Little said...

Please don't remove the Default2006 theme. It is a nice clean theme!

Todd Anglin said...

@Matt- I happen to agree with you that it is a nice skin. It's one I've used often. It's being "retired" because it's been identified through research that it is one of the least used skins by Telerik developers. Fortunately, for devs like you and I, we can still use the skin post-Q2. We'll simply have to use it as an external skin. Hopefully this will work okay for your projects.


Anonymous said...

Hi Todd,
Can you give some more info on the Exchange data provider for RadScheduler. Does this mean that you can link the scheduler to an exchange meeting schedule and so on ...