Tuesday, July 29, 2008

RadControls for WPF Futures available for download

Was our Q2 2008 release of RadControls for WPF not enough for you? Do you want to look in to the future to see what's coming later this year in the WPF space from Telerik? You do? Good. The RadControls for WPF Futures build is for you and it is loaded with some cool features and new controls that will become official in a few months. Included in the WPF Futures build are:

  • RadChart for WPF - our new 2D/3D charting solution for WPF (check out my preview video)
  • Gauges for WPF - our first official entry in the gauges space
  • RadScheduler for WPF - want a scheduler UI on the desktop?
All of the controls previewed in this build are obviously in early preview stage- thus the "Futures" build- so expect release quality to be significantly higher. Still, the early work is very impressive. Download the Futures build now (login required) to play with the new controls and then share your feedback in the forums. Do you like where we're headed with WPF?

NOTE: You can also play with a live demo of the Futures build [warning FF users: XBAP link]


Anonymous said...

Wow ! very impressive !

I must admit it is better than I thought, and it is only a preview... can't wait for Q3 :)