Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Reminder: RadGrid Webinar today - last chance to sign-up

Looking for some cheap, live, instructor-lead training on RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX? Then don't miss today's RadWebinar on RadGrid! The webinar will start in a couple of hours (9:00 AM PST), so you've still got plenty of time to sign-up and tell your boss that you're attending some training this morning. The outline for today's session includes the following topics:

  • How to connect to a database and a business object data source
  • Displaying the data from the data source using three different methods:automatic column generation, declaratively by using the property builder, and programmatically
  • Using hierarchical grids to display master-detail data
  • Data maintenance (including creating edit templates)
  • Exporting data from the grid
  • Specialized Grid Column editors
  • How to find and manipulate grid column contents programmatically
  • Questions and Answers
What more needs to be said? Sign-up now if you're interested and stay tuned for some exciting announcments related to RadWebinars in the coming weeks.