Wednesday, July 09, 2008

RadWebinar on RadGrid, July 29th

One of the most popular UI components Telerik makes is RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX. Thousands of developers around the globe use this component every day to bring rich, standards-based grid functionality to their applications, and that creates a lot of interest in resources for learning how to maximize the Grid's power. And if all the documentation, on-demand videos, KB articles, Code Library examples, Telerik Trainer tutorials, and online demos aren't enough, we're giving you one more option. On July 29th, Falafel will host the first RadWebinar covering RadGrid!

Officially titled "Developing with Telerik RadGrid," this live training session will follow the format used for the first two Telerik Reporting RadWebinars. The session will start at 9:30 AM (PST) and last for a couple of hours with dedicated time at the end to answer your questions. The price is still a very affordable (for live training) $99 and the registration is open now. If you're interested in attending this training, I suggest you sign-up early since the popularity of RadGrid is likely to cause this session to fill-up fast. I hope you enjoy the new resource- stay tuned for more RadWebinars in the coming weeks.


Anonymous said...

Unless Falafel's business model is to make money from these webinars, it doesn't make sense.

Todd Anglin said...

@Anon- What doesn't make sense? That these are not free? The RadWebinars are a training service from Falafel, so yes, they intend to make some money off of them. They invest many man hours in designing these courses and delivering them live, and since Falafel is not a charity, they need to charge a reasonable training rate.

If you're not interested in attending live training, we've got many other resource for you, including on-demand videos on our website. Hopefully those help and hopefully I addressed your question.


Anonymous said...

Yes. You absolutely did. I guess we are spoiled by Microsoft conducting free seminars.