Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Survey Says: You can't stop buying computers

Several weeks ago, I polled the readers of this blog and asked them to answer this question: How many computers do you own? After collecting responses for a couple of weeks, the super-scientific, accurate to 1/100 of one percent poll results have been analyzed and the results are very interesting. While we discover that a fair amount of you- about 47%- are content to only keep one or two computers around, it appears that once you buy that third PC (or Mac) you can't stop. Exactly 50% of respondents own more than three computers while a mere 3% managed to stop at three sharp.

So what does this say about the readers (who largely represent the .NET developer crowd in general) of this blog? Do we need a lot of computers or do we simply have a hard time getting rid of old computers after the new one arrives (or is built, as the case may be)? I'm betting it may be a little of both. Personally, I've got 4 computers that are actively used in the house (if you count my wife's Vista-running iMac), but I could probably squeak by with one less. I can't imagine only one computer in the house, though. My hat is off to the 9% of you that have found digital simplicity and can manage on a single machine.

Now's your chance to defend your digital lifestyle. Let us know in the comments why you need all those computers you've got (or even better, those computers you haven't got) and then vote in the new survey about video learning.