Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Todd Anglin on MVC, Ajax, Silverlight, WPF, Web Browsers

One of the things I did while in India back in May was sit down with a video crew to film a quick interview for DevMarch.com. The interview has finally been processed and published online and made available for your viewing pleasure. A few quick notes about the video:

  • It was shot in mid-May 2008, so obviously, the info is dated to that period (though most of the content remains relevant today)
  • The video was shot in an old dressing room backstage at the Indian Institute of Science after days of marathon sessions, and the interviewer specifically asked me to not look her direction (she was sitting to the left of the camera). So if I look like I'm trying to not look at the questioner during the video, that's why.
  • The video is about 12 minutes long and it covers a lot of topics. I think it starts with browsers, then moves on to Ajax, MVC, and then WPF and Silverlight. Feel free to skip to the parts that interest you.
The video was shot to help generate content for the DevMarch.com site, a new developer portal launched by Saltmarch Media shortly after the Great Indian Developer Summit concluded. You can find other videos on the site from some of the other speakers I shared the event with, so spend a few minutes looking around if you've never seen this resource before. Other than that, enjoy the info-packed interview! Watch the interview video now


Anonymous said...

Wow, she really asked you a lot of questions about a lot of different technologies. Well done!