Monday, June 08, 2009

Austin Code Camp 2009 wrap-up, Session slides and code

Sometimes it's just incredible how fast time flies. It's already been a full week since I spoke at the 2009 Austin Code Camp, so it's high time I posted my follow-up materials! In general, ACC09 was a great event. Both of my sessions were packed- standing room only- and the audiences were very engaged. For an Austin .NET community that occasionally gets a bad rap in Texas for not being as active as Houston or Dallas, this event was a strong showing- probably close to 250 to 300 people. As a reminder, I did two sessions, one on ASP.NET MVC and one on Silverlight 3. Both sessions seemed to go well except for an unfortunate Visual Studio gremlin with Silverlight 2 during the last session of the day. I suppose that's the end result of sleeping for 3 hours, driving to Austin at 5:00 in the morning, and then doing the last session of the day. Se la vie! The slides from both of my sessions and some of the code is available below. I say only "some" of the code because some it is not worth packaging- just simple demos created on the fly that don't offer much "after the fact" learning value. Even the code posted here is very basic- nothing special- so don't lean on it too heavily for learning. Enjoy the resources, though, and then get ready to come back out and hang-out with me at the Dallas Tech Fest in a couple weeks! ASP.NET MVC: Red Pill or Blue Pill? (Updated for MVC v1) [Slides (PDF)] [Code (ZIP)] (NOTE: Code includes updated RouteDebugger assembly for MVC v1) Building Business Applications with Silverlight 3 [Slides (PDF)] [Code (ZIP)] (NOTE: Code is for Silverlight 3 beta 1) P.S. As mentioned in my Silverlight session, here is a link to my Silverlight 2 Hands-On-Labs that guide you through the process of learning how to build business apps with Silverlight 2.