Monday, June 22, 2009

Dallas TechFest Wrap-up, Slides and Code

With the weekend squarely in the rear view mirror, it's time to close the books at this year's Dallas TechFest. The event, which was held on Friday, was a full-day of not only .NET learning, but Java, Cold Fusion, Flex, and Ruby, all held in the setting of the beautiful Westin Stonebriar Resort. I never saw an official "numbers" report, but it looked like there were easily 250 - 350 people taking part in the fun (maybe even more), so by all accounts I think the event was a success. Both of my Silverlight 2/3 sessions went well, too. Aside from my ThinkPad giving me plenty of reason to think about shortening its life, the demos went well and the crowds got a good taste of SL3. In fact, Building Business Apps with SL3 was a standing room only session, so extra special thanks to those of you that came and stood through it all! Below you can find the slides and code from my sessions. Be sure you have Silverlight 3 installed to work with the code, and don't forget that installing SL3 means the end of your SL2 development. Until the tooling gets better, it's an either-or choice. Building Business Applications with Silverlight 2 (and 3) [Slides (PDF)] [Code (8MB Zip)] What's New in Silverlight 3? [Slides (PDF)] [Code (3MB Zip)]


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed you talks. I left the fest and upgraded to SL3 the moment I fired up my computer at the house. What fun on a Friday night.

BTW, the final cont was 401 attendees.

Gregory Wilmes said...


Has it been video recorded ? it seems to a very interesting session :)


Elaine said...

I learned so much from the Biz Apps talk. The RIA Services part made me know I need to pursue more info. Thanks Todd.

Joe said...


I always leave your sessions knowing more than when I came in. Great job!

Todd Anglin said...

@Gregory- Sorry, no video recording at these regional live events. I'm sure I'll keep doing these SL3 sessions this year, though, so hopefully one will be recorded.

@Elaine & @Joe - Thanks for the positive feedback! I'm happy to hear my sessions are helpful and that you're enjoying them. I'll work hard not to disappoint in the future!


Unknown said...

Thanks for being there. I found your talks to be information packed. I drove from Austin and your material was totally worth the drive. One speaker almost put me to sleep but you were great. I need to try to make it to more such events. Thanks again. I will put what you taught us to good use. I will install SL3 at home with VS 2k10 beta.

Anonymous said...

Looks like there was some good information, to bad it was not recorded.

On page 7 of your business app slides (Security Concerns), you said Use HttpAuth cookies. Can you point me to some literature on this?

The 'Good' method does not make any sense from an argument standpoint. (where does custId go?)

I like using auth headers for restful services so I am curious how I might make this work with cookies.

Todd Anglin said...

@Anon - I know, I wish all live events could be recorded for online viewing.

As for Auth cookies, there are some great resources online talking about how you can use these with Silverlight. Here are a few to get you started:

Hope that helps.